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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Whatever happened to the heroes ?

Listening to this old Strangler's song, I remembered the enthousiastic group of first-time tango beginners, who, almost one year ago, assisted a workshop, and at he end of it exchanged phone numbers and mail addresses, to stay in touch. And I wondered what they had become.

Well, ladies first:
D. L.: still assist beginner classes, but not on a regular basis.

L. S.: was a "false beginner" (she already knew all this ocho stuff long before
the workshop). Quit classes, but still belongs to the world of tango, as she is now assistant manager of a tango "tipica orquesta".

I. R.: a few weeks after the workshop, she had to make a tough decision: spending her money either for tango shoes or for tango classes. She bought the shoes, of course. And never went to any milonga or practise afterwards. Well, no matter, she has beautiful shoes by now.

A. S.: had a salsa background. She seemed gifted for tango too, but had to move to another town after a few months, because of her studies. Miss her, for sure she must still be dancing something now, but probably salsa, as it is so much more popular.

B.B.: Another woman with a salsa background. But unlike A.S, she doesn't
have the balance and quickness you would expect from a salsa dancer. But she liked tango. After some thought, she decided to give it a try and now goes to a weekly class. Plus a monthly milonga. Plus the occasional workshop.

And now the guys:

D.L.: Nice and smart. But he felt clumsy on the dance floor. And as he's a tall guy, he thought that everybody could see how clumsy he was. He quit after four or five months.

P.L.: yours truly. Ballroom background. Goes to CITA in a few days.
Despite pathetic efforts, remains a beginner. Hates the milonguero style.

T.T: his pure joy when he had just mastered a step or a sequence was communicative. But when he went to his first milongas, he got very impressed by the high level of all the leaders but him (or what he believed was a high level), and thought he would not keep the pace with the improving guys in the group. No news, I bet he quit.

B.M.: another "false beginner", as he already had a six-month experience of tango when he assisted the workshop. Opted for the milonguero style. Never misses a milonga, and takes a lesson twice a week. I can't say I like the way he dances, as I find it a bit sleepy, but at least his partners don't seem to mind sleeping in his arms.

And finally the couples:

S.A. & S.P: A couple à la ville, they're always together also in tango classes, about twice a month. They opted for the milonguero style, and improve slowly but steadily.

J. A. & boyfriend: She was reasonably interested in tango, but her boyfriend (who also assisted the workshop) wasn't. So her only motivation was that her mother being a (enthousiastic, but really bad) tango dancer, the daughter hoped to become the best one in the family. Not a big incentive,indeed. She went for a little while, without her boyfriend, to some beginners classes, and then disappeared.

So, half of the people left. The group itself collapsed, as the ones who
didn't give up took different directions (mainly milonguero style versus open style), and are now studying with different teachers.

Whatever happened to all of the heroes ?
all the Shakespeares ,they watch their Rome burn

Whatever happened to the heroes ?
whatever happened to the heroes ?

No more heroes anymore
no more heroes anymore
no more heroes anymore
no more heroes anymore

Stranglers - No more heroes (1977)

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