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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Half-time partner 

Midnight was coming soon, and my partner was worried because after my leaving she wanted to keep dancing but she was fearing a shortage of leaders. So just before wandering back in the night to the metro station I introduced her to a former tango classmate who had the opposite problem, having come without a partner, not knowing anybody and feeling unsure about making random invites.

We had talked a bit before. And after some chit-chat about teachers and classes he remained silent for a second and sighed:
"- Gaaaaaw, they're all dancing open here..."
"- Of course. Here there is all the space you want. When there is space, people dance open and make use of their legs."
"- But nooooo.... Some people like it close and small, whatever the available space!"

Yes, he dances milonguero. We have the same age, and started at the same time in the same beginners class, but the year after we chose different paths. He favours the smooth, dignified approach. He doesn't mind the contact with a woman, and neither repeating endlessly the same steps. We're not dancing on the same music either, that's why I left confidently, not fearing he could "steal" my partner. Even if she prefers to dance with him I will always remain a half-time partner at worst, as the pieces he will skip will be the ones I like to dance on. Pugliese? "Too many instruments", he says.

I thought that he and my partner would match well, as what she likes in tango is going to milongas every evening if she can, getting invited again and again and learning the dance... by dancing. I thought she would have a great time, as milonguero style is much easier than salon
(as stated by Mingo Pugliese, milonguero style was created by people who wanted to pick up babes but being unable to lead anything, found this If-I-squeeze-the-girl-she-has-to-follow hijack). So with the same amount of time a milonguero is necessarily more proficient in the art of squeezing than me in the art of leading.

Alas after a couple of days she sent me a mail...

"His style I'm not liking it at all, I felt I was clamped down by him and could not move. What I like in tango is variety, milonguero is boring."

posted by Pablo  # 6:38 AM
Please do not start a style war here again. We have enough of this in Tango-L.

Her opinion might change when she have enough sampling of Milonguero-style partners, or may be not, only time will tell.
Who knows, what does a mail prove, maybe she sent another mail to my milonguero friend when she said exactly the opposite. She likes to dance, so her natural tendency would be to embiggen the number of her partners...
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