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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Searching for a class on Mondays 

Searching for a class on Mondays (I found some for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and a practise on Fridays), I ventured into a student campus where an argentine couple were giving two consecutive classes, one for beginners then one for intermediate-advanced. Being brave I chose the latter, and came in when the beginners class was finishing.

Plenty of students here, maybe 30 of them. Not A.T students. Students. University students. Tall. Thin. Young. Quite un-coordinated though. Stiff. Unbalanced, falling after one half-turn.

The teachers were demonstrating the introductory exercise for giros, often done with a chair, when both people step forward-side-backward-side. But only the first half of the exercise. Forward, side, stop. Clockwise and then counter-clockwise. And even this simplified version of a preliminary to giros was quite challenging for the pupils. Maybe I could do this beginner class too, I thought while lacing my tango shoes. Plus, it's the same price whether you attend one class or to the two classes.

No music either. Seeing the youngsters trying to extend their legs forwards and backwards, without the weight, working on dissociation, I could have figured it was a french boxing class.

Then they switched to a walk-with-lapiz exercise, forwards then backwards. Hey, time to finish maybe, I thought, and to start the second class. 30 minutes past due time, this was beginning to be late, even for argentines.

Something was wrong yet. There should have been other people than me waiting for this second class.

And I understood. This was the intermediate-advanced class.
The stiff, unbalanced people I was looking at were actually intermediate-advanced students. I quickly left and ran to the nearest milonga.

Ok, so I still have to find something to do on Mondays.

posted by Pablo  # 7:31 AM
My teacher suggested I read this blog after I had a disasterous practice. My comment to him was that I thought I was doing so well and then had a practice where I couldn't dance a step without messing up. Thanks for letting me know that this is normal. I want to dance well so badly but need to realize that tango takes time. A lot of time.
Pablo, I just went into your archives. Thank you. Thank you. I have only been dancing for a few months. Now I know what my mantra is. "Accept where you are". Your comments have helped me so much. Sure I am bad. You cannot learn this quickly. Thanks/
Hey, wait, you don't have to be as bad as me! And "Accept where you are" is a bad mantra! Don't accept where you are, always try to improve, but maybe accept that this improvement may take some time.
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