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Monday, January 29, 2007

Preparing for Bs-As 

Grrr my CITA group collapsed and there is no time to find another. Instead I signed for a non-CITA tour. I'm trying to fill every free slot with extra private classes of course, but
nevertheless I think it will be a low-expectations, easy-going trip. Only twelve classes are scheduled in as many days, and it won't be sharp classes either, more along the lines of "revisiting the basics". Well, I'll take it easy. Maybe naps in the afternoons, it would give me a chance to stay awake later in the milongas.

Which clothes?
The snazzy suit won't come. Cashmere is nice but February is hot in BsAs. Plus, it would need some ironing after the plane travel, and I don't exactly trust the portena laudries, I've seen how they turned a green shirt of mine into a brown rag.

Which shoes?
The snazzy shoes won't come either (among the snazzy family, only the watch will do the trip.), it's been hardly one year, I don't feel comfortable with them yet. I'll pack one classical pair (Villaroel) and the sneakers.

One of my partners is also packing her shoes. Different plane, different schedule, but February too. So yesterday we "played Bs-As": she comes in close embrace, closes her eyes and I have to take care of her while we're dancing. If for any reason she opens her eyes then I lose. I lost after eleven seconds, and the place was not particularly crowded.

One against the mosquitoes. One against the sun. Two nautic days are scheduled. El Tigre, and the buquebus to Colonia. This is what is great when travelling within a group, you're doing things you would never choose to do. For the first time in four trips I'll bring my sunglasses and my swimsuit. Me in a swimsuit. Horresco referens.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Time for bed grandpa, and take your pills 

Near the second third of the AT class my partner gently told me "Maybe it's time for a pause, Pablo. Have a seat for a few minutes. D'you want a glass of water?".

The pause was only intended for me of course. While I was recovering my stamina, my fifteen years younger partner took advantage of the floor, the mirror, and the lack of a leader to rehearse her salsa shines.

Not sure I've understood what salsa shines are, (old age damages the brain too, not only the body) it may be a series of steps done by a dancer on her/his own, without taking care of what the partner does. To the non-salsero old little me it looked like tap-dance without the tapping. Or quick disco.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


An easy little quiz; Here are words that I heard during one class or another. A famous teacher is talking to (or about) his partner.
the line-up: Carlos Gavito, Osvaldo Zotto, Sebastian Arce, Gustavo Naveira.
Who said what?

"They're pupils, they have the right to make mistakes. But you, I pay you to dance well."

[leaving a message on the cell phone] "Ok I don't know where you are or what you're doing, but I know it's 6 o'clock and
Pablo is here and I am here and you're not here. So if you happen to be doing some shopping, then maybe you may consider buying a watch!"

"Pay attention pupils, and you too, Maria."

[talking to pupils while demonstrating the steps] "She cannot do the pattern just like that, I have first to walk her for a while, to make her sleep, like a baby."

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